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Boone, IA 50036
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At Specialty Leather, we have been creating beautiful leather for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves on turning rough hides into quality leather that has a smooth and supple finish. While nothing replaces the actual feel of a lustrous gator strap or a sensationally soft elk hide in one’s hand, these photos will give you a glimpse into what we produce.

Feel free to send us a photo of what you create with our leather! We’re always happy to see our customers’ projects.

Deer Leather in Light Grey, Chocolate, Buckskin, 
and Aster Blue

Elephant Leather in Teal

Elephant Leather—Grain Detail

Elk Leather in Buckskin, Pearl (White), Black, 
and Classic Cognac

Gator Leather in Chocolate, Burgundy, Walnut, 
and Buttercup

Hair-On Deer, Bison, and Elk Hides

Hair-On Elk Hide

Hippo Leather in Grey

Hippo Leather—Grain Detail

Ostrich Leather in Black

Ostrich Shins in an Array of Colors

Small Animal Fur Pelts: Coyote, Skunk, Bobcat, 
Albino Opossum, Coyote

Rattlesnake Dyed Natural

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